Simply follow these steps to quickly build out one or more sites with the Juniper Secure Business, powered by SDSN.

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In Step 1 provide your company’s name and answer a question about your general needs.

Company Name

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Define your Site Type

In step 2, define one or more site types and determine the number of sites for the type.

Each Site Types is based on one of four Secure Business packages, which will be selected in the next step.

Click and drag the selector wheel to select the number of sites for each type.

Click the “Add New Site Type” tile to create more site types.

To move to step 3, click the ”Customize Site Type”.

You will have to perform this for each site type.

This will take you to the next step in which you can select, change, or modify the package you would like for the Site(s).

To help you get started in this section, two pre-configured Site Types are provided as examples.

To delete a site type simple click on trash can icon to remove a site.

Site A
Secure Business
Site B
Secure Business

Customize your Site Type

In step 3, you configure the Site Type defined in the prior step.

First, name the Site Type.

Next, select a Secure Business package from one of four: support for up to 50 users, up to 100 users, up to 200 users or up to 500 users.

For a comparison of the four Secure Business Packages, click on the “Secure Business” information icon.

After selecting a Secure Business Package for the Site, customize the site by choosing Site Options to be applied.

Depending on the Secure Business Package that was selected, the Site Options are prepopulated with included items.

The topology diagram will adjust according to the selected options.

After completing the configuration, select one of four actions:

(1) “Save and design next Site Type” which will return you to prior step to configure additional Sites;

(2) “All Done! Download the Proposal” which will direct you to a form to complete in order to receive a summary and topology of your entire design along with a URL to revisit your work;

(3) “Continue Designing Later” which will provide you a link to your current design setup to play with later; or

(4) Reset for fresh start.

Name of Site Type

Secure Business

Package Description
Secure Business 50 Supports up to 50 users. Suitable for small branch locations. Base configuration includes access switches, firewall and cloud-based anti-malware protection.
Secure Business 100 Supports up to 100 users. Suitable for small to medium branch locations. Base configuration includes access switches, firewall and cloud-based anti-malware protection.
Secure Business 200 HQ Supports up to 200 users. Suitable for small campus headquarters. Base configuration includes access switches integrated with Juniper’s comprehensive Software-Defined Secure Networks solution.
Secure Business 500 HQ Supports up to 500 users. Suitable for small to medium campus headquarters. Base configuration includes access switches integrated with Juniper’s comprehensive Software-Defined Secure Networks solution.

Select your Site Type Package

Does this Site Type require:

A backup firewall?
Juniper SRX Series Firewall
Logging of all security events to detect anomalies and perform correlation?
Log Director is an ad on to Security Director. It processes logs and monitors all nodes for presentation in the Security Director interface.
Centralized management of your entire network’s security and security policies?
Security Director gives administrators extensive security visibility, management and granular policy control across SRX devices. It helps teams quickly manage all phases of the security policy life cycle and provides a comprehensive view of threat conditions.

* Security Director is included depending on certain product selection scenarios. Please contact your preferred Juniper Partner or Juniper Sales for more information.
End-to-end security that allows all network elements to detect threats and enforce policy?
Policy Enforcer provides the automated enforcement policies created by Juniper’s Sky Advanced Threat Prevention cloud-based anti-malware service and distributes them to EX Series and QFX Series switches, as well as to Juniper virtual and physical SRX Series firewalls.

* If you select Policy Enforcer in any site, you are entitled to a full license and support for Security Director. Please contact your Preferred Partner or Juniper Sales for further details.
Centralized management of your network’s switching infrastructure?
Junos Space Network Director is a smart, comprehensive, and automated turnkey network management solution for Juniper EX Series and QFX Series switching. Administrators can use it to visualize, analyze, and control their entire enterprise networks, all through an integrated management screen.
Remote Access VPN?
Remote Access VPN allows access to remote clients connected through a public network such as the Internet.
Juniper Professional Services Jump Start?
The Juniper Professional Services Jump Start is performed by a Juniper Networks Professional Services consultant who will relieve the initial implementation and configuration burden on operations and engineering teams, while determining whether any additional steps are required to deploy the solution in a production environment.
Reset Site Type
Save and design next Site Type
All Done! Download the Proposal

Fill in form for Proposal

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